Aging archetype whose obsessions are all too clear.

The start of the one-man monthly tour, at 下北沢MOSAiC!

But seriously, though… seriously. This hotness… it must be what they call a ‘passion spiral’. Xp

May 19th, we will be ready to register, the legion of the archangels! <3

All I can say is… “KIYAAAA!” o(>w<)o 

So exciting… and so gorgeous… so many feelings!!!

I stayed up late to finish this by IG day&#8230; This is the character I came up with to match the name of &#8216;Archangel Diamond&#8217;, an angelic warrior with the style of exist†trace!

Hmm, I think Jyou looks like a Takarazuka otokoyaku in this current look. Very tasty.

Fandoms: MERGE! *sparkly robot magic*

They look supremely VK (though I&#8217;m looking forward to seeing Jyou mess up that perfect hair, kekeke&#8230;)!




(via rinlin)

Flat colours/ colour palette work-in-progress for my Archangel Diamond &#8216;fan-mascot&#8217;. :)

Lineart for Archangel Diamond… 

I wanted to create something that embodied the feel of the fanclub’s name, and when I thought of an exist†trace warrior angel, this is what came to me. I’m still considering my colour palette, the most challenging part of which is what to do with her hair, as so much of the look of the character is an amalgamation of things from the members. (You’ll recognise Omi’s piercing, Jyou’s eye style and Naoto’s braid, for instance.)