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World Maker
Heart Breaker

It was a very exist†trace birthday this year!!Signed Vanguard ~of the Muses~ album and signed USA 2012 setlist.

So I asked myself “If I didn’t know these people, what would I think?”

Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. YES YES YES.


Live art by Mally!

16 Aug 2014: 初台WALL!

Oh you!

When someone gets into a fandom because of you


Jyou explains how, in filming “Spiral Daisakusen”, her head was securely positioned infront of the green-screen, and she had to focus to the front with no head movement, only work her lips constantly, for the capture of the free-floating profiles in the MV.

Jyou explains the “Spiral Daisakusen” theme dance.