Aging archetype whose obsessions are all too clear.

Jyou, miko and Mally on Odoroku.tv, April 2012 (promoting for “Virgin” album release and related lives).

Mally: “One-man band is now available. LOL PUNK ROCK! LOL”Mally on guitar, bass, vocals and drums! She has too much energy! XD
The start of the one-man monthly tour, at 下北沢MOSAiC!

But seriously, though… seriously. This hotness… it must be what they call a ‘passion spiral’. Xp

May 19th, we will be ready to register, the legion of the archangels! <3

All I can say is… “KIYAAAA!” o(>w<)o 

So exciting… and so gorgeous… so many feelings!!!

I stayed up late to finish this by IG day&#8230; This is the character I came up with to match the name of &#8216;Archangel Diamond&#8217;, an angelic warrior with the style of exist†trace!

Hmm, I think Jyou looks like a Takarazuka otokoyaku in this current look. Very tasty.

Fandoms: MERGE! *sparkly robot magic*

They look supremely VK (though I&#8217;m looking forward to seeing Jyou mess up that perfect hair, kekeke&#8230;)!




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